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Rasan factory for steel structures has built a solid reputation in the steel and metal building construction industry by
offering exactly what the building owner needs. Quality is our main focus, not something overlooked or taken for granted.
The factory undertakes the design, supply, manufacturing and erection of steel structures for costumers in different areas
and executes the erection using its own erection staff. The annual production of the factory is approximately 4000 ton of
steel structures. The factory is equipped with modern CNC machines used for preparation, cutting and welding processes.
Rasan steel factory has production lines for construction of pre engineering steel buildings , k –span, trusses & multi
stories steel buildings .

Rasan Steel Staff

3 Mechanical Engineers
2 Steel Forman
2 Administrators
5 Machine operators
6 Fabricators
12 Welders
21 Steel workers
3 inspectors
3 Maintenance Technicians
3 Cleaner Workers

Our Vision

Our visions in Rasan steel is to create a
great global building systems company that
attracts outstanding employees, suppliers and
customers and provides building technology
solutions and is recognized by consultants,
contractors and owners (and competitors) as
the most trusted, most transparent and most
ethical manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel
Buildings in Iraq.

Latest Projects