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Undertakes the design, supply, manufacturing and erection of sandwich panel for many different customers and executes
the erection using its own erection staff. The annual capacity of Rasan panel is approximately 75,000, square meters. The
factory is equipped with modern CNC machines used for preparation and cutting processes. Our products of sandwich
panel are in different lengths and colors in addition to the use of multiple materials like iron, aluminum and wooden plates
as per clients’ demand. Corrugated plates in geometrical shapes produced in our factory. These shapes fit all kinds of
constructional designs and are used to decorate roofs, corners & columns of buildings. Sandwich panels are being
increasingly used in buildings because of its lightweight, energy efficient, and can be easily handled and rapidly erected.
The panels are made of rigid foamed plastics having high thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance with low cost.
Sandwich panels consist of two metal faces positioned on either side of the core of thermally insulating material
polyurethane foam, which are firmly bonded together so that the three components act compositely when under load.
Sandwich panels are useful for buildings ranging from factories and Warehouses to domestic facilities like (offices,
hospitals, schools, houses and normal freezing warehouses…etc).

Sandwich Panel Staff

2 Mechanical Engineers
Chemical engineers
Machine operators
Elect. Eng.s
Maintenance Technicians
Cleaner Workers

Advantages of Sandwich Panels

1. Rain and vapor resistance.
2. Rusting resistance.
3. Wind resistance.
4. Sun light resistance.
5. Chemical resistance.
6. Fire resistance.
7. Heat and sound insulation.
8. Thrust and earthquake.
9. Insects resistance.
10. Nice appearance.
11. Protective against pollution.
12. Cost effective.
13. Variable Colors.
14. High Durability.
15. Recyclable.