About Rasan Prefab

Rasan Prefab factory offers sustainably built, energy efficient, healthy and durable modern prefab homes with a focus on high quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.
In Rasan prefab we adopt a new technology for House models and caravans by using cement board panel filled with polyurethane foam. Fire resistance, easy to build, nice shape, and having a good capability for painting are the advantages of using this outstanding technology.
Rasan prefab also has a production line for manufacturing both fixed and mobile caravans with one or multi floors, using different materials for decoration like wooden ground and MDF panels.
Rasan prefab provides different types of caravans used for the purposes of residential complex, industrial and constructional projects.

Rasan Prefab Staff

1 Designer Engineer
2 Civil engineer
2 Mechanical Engineer
3 Administrator
6 Forman
12 Skull carpenter
4 Welders
2 carpenter
4 Painter
3 Inspector
1 Maintenance Technician
5 Cleaner Worker