Rasan Group is a private sector group of companies that has taken the opportunity of participating in investments of Iraq especially in Kurdistan region. Our main target is to change the mentality for Business from consuming to production plants .The beginning of Rasan was in 1997 as Contractor Company. In 2008 Rasan Group was founded, it has an excellent record, in recent years, in construction and service skills to customers for whom construction quality, efficiency and reliability are critical. Our job, in Rasan group, is to make sure that our success is maintained. We have a clear strategy, which we believe it will enable us to achieve our ambitions for continuing growth. In the short term, we believe growth is already built into our group and customers. The strength of the base on which we build our strategy is equally important in determining how successful we will be. The group creates and cares for the essential assets that make our society work. These assets play an important part in people’s daily lives and everyone within Rasan Group takes his responsibilities for first class customer satisfaction, service, safety and environmental care very seriously. Our business sectors work right across the supply chain, from initial concept to whole life management and the group regularly puts together specialist teams that are unique in their ability to deliver complex projects on time and to budget.


The quality & suitable prices are the main objectives of the company which cares a lot to provide effective assurance that all services meet the exact and the detailed requirements of each project or contract placed with the company, and to achieve accuracy, reliability and expedition in such services.


Our products/services have always catered to the requirements of our customers. This is due to the excellent range of products we manufacture. Our quality controllers have always ensured that our products maintain their reputation in the market at all costs.


We believe that customers are the best judges of any product or service. Our products/services have won the confidence of the clients all over Iraq.


We will penetrate market and getting more market share for and moving up regarding our marketing plan, customers, our staff, and contribute to the social development.


We will continue to grow our business both organically and through acquisitions. Our strategy is to establish more factories and to power the internal production.


Our Price, product and Place are making our job easier to growing up more and our products are available in the market and they are acceptable and affordable. We will start activity collaboration, respect, commitment, Client satisfaction. These are the four pillars that the company foundation is based upon. At Rasan Group, we want to earn our client respect by operating at the highest levels of achievement. Being a leader in our sector does not merely imply being one of the largest players but also being able to offer a complete range of services of a high quality. To evolve into an important driving force for sustainable development of Iraq’s economy through in-depth operational knowledge and a high level of it expertise, translated into competitive services and projects,Rasan Group overall strategy is to consolidate existing relationships and establish new, long-term and intensely value-creating ones with major companies and organizations and governmental institutes -with the whole world as our home market. Leadership development: To achieve our goals we will depend on a highly motivated, well trained workforce with strong leadership skills. Operational Excellence: We will make continuous improvement a way of life.